Our Obsession:

Solve BFP's*

*[Big F*ckin' Problems]

Why to we exist?
[Yup, our main mission]

We are creating the most effective community to solve PPU's (Big F*ckin' Problems). We co-design initiatives with corporations and governments who believe that solving the most pressing problems - is not only morally imperative but an unprecedented market opportunity. Working with some of the most admired brands and the most innovative governments, we operate unforgettable experience programs ─ across diverse places and industries ─ with the goal of providing resources and preparing the road for entrepreneurs, so they can do it in 1 year what they would do in 10.

What we envision

Our vision is to create a world where no one is slave to their own circumstances. We are obsessive about how fast problems can be solved. That is why our vision is in the “present” as opposed to the traditional “in the future”. Oh yes, also because we like to do things (very) differently.

A little bit of our journey...

Jose Medina and Raúl de Anda, cofounders of Unreasonable México have been friends since they were 6 years old. Different experiences in their lives - ranging from the missions in Africa (Rulo) to founding the ITESM social incubator (Jose) - led them to a conclusion: as mankind we have been trying to solve social and environmental problems for centuries, but we are not winning the battle. If we want to have an opportunity to achieve this, we need an innovative, scalable and ecosystem strategy. 

In 2013, they cofounded Unreasonable México with the vision of a world where no one is slave to their own circumstances. Two important elements of the vision: 1) It is in the present: remembering the urgency of solving the problems and 2) the words "their own". To remember that before designing any initiative they would need to understand the context of the beneficiaries. 

They started as a business accelerator. With an hyper disruptive model. Bringing together an ecosystem of corporations, mentors, investors, trend leaders and public policy makers - under one roof for a month - to accelerate the exponential growth of companies. To date, they have supported 290 companies, benefiting +6.3 million lives in 19 countries. And the community of unreasonable mentors is one of the most influential communities in Latin America. There are +130 mentors, such as: Lorena Guillé (director of FEMSA Foundation), Álvaro Rodríguez (Co-founder of Ignia, an investment fund of +$200M USD), Salma Jalife (Former Undersecretary of Communication and Transporting) or Tom Chi (creator of Google's autonomous car). 

To date, we have co-reated initiatives with some of the most powerful companies, such as: Citibanamex, MetLife, Colgate-Palmolive, PepsiCo, Coppel and Compartamos Banco. Along side with some of the most innovative governments, such as: Guanajuato, Aguascalientes, Estado de México, Querétaro or Sinaloa.

This is what happened from year to year

  • 2014. First acceleration program (Instituto Irrazonable) 
  • 2015. Establishment of the Unreasonable Council (Arturo Galván, founder of the company that brought the internet to Latin America and Martha Smith, cofounder of the US-Mexico Foundation). 
  • 2016. 16 Gamechangers in 2016 by Redbull. Redbull published a list of 16 people who will "change your life", including Rulo and Jose (cofounders), along with Elon Musk. We still don't know how it happened :) 
  • 2017. Ábaco Irrazonable. We created the first accelerator of scientific endeavors in the country, together with the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León. Labs Irrazonables. We created a training program for early stage companies. Medal for social innovation. By the Honoris Causa Foundation in the Senado de la República.
  • 2018. We reached 1 million beneficiaries. Winter. Those Who Inspire book. The book the 100 most inspiring Mexicans is published and includes our cofounders Rulo and Jose Winter. Mentes Pioneras. We partnered with Nacional Financiera (NAFIN) to trained the most exceptional 1% of public high school students in 5 states in entrepreneurship. 
  • 2019. First vertical program. TAlong side with Metlife we ​​created the first accelerator program to give financial health to the lower middle class and base of the pyramid, with an anthropological perspective. First global program Together with Cemex, we accelerated community ventures in 6 countries. 
  • 2020. Jose and Raúl are named as some of the most effective leaders (Líderes Formando Líderes Magazine). We reached 5.5 million beneficiaries in 4 continents. We digitized 100% of the programs, growing 2x in 1 year while COVID-19 arrived. 
  • 2021. We started official operations in Central America and Colombia. And this is just beginning ...

Our Values

Intrinsic from the start, they guide our strategy, they are the center of our community and allow us to move fast, break things and create movement.

Treat everyone like the Messiah​

Be agile

Be disciplined transparent   ​[Honesty]

Do that what works

Make ir happen

Embrace fear

Never forget to dance

Our team

Jose Medina


Raúl de Anda


Sabina Malacón

Iniciatives Director

Brenda Mora

Portfolio Director

Rodrigo Tavares

Production manager, our angel in heaven


Luisfer Espinosa

Design & Experience Manager

Hammurabi González

Administration Manager

Julián Cruz

Human Resources Manager

Lucía Cuellar

Acceleration Captain

Jessica Pavón

Acceleration Captain

Carlotta Piña

Portfolio Captain

Karla Soledad

Acceleration Captain

Fernanda López

Design Captain

Mariana Flores

Multimedia Ninja

Airam Guevara

Content Manager

Melissa Flores

Acceleration Ninja

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Mariana Alcalá

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Andrea Márquez

Community Manager

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Acceleration Ninja

Gerardo López

Administration Ninja

 Montserrat González

Acceleration Captain

Casimiro "El Cholo"

Unreasonable pet

You have been called a rebel, a misfit and/or you want to build a better world?

Our council

Jose Medina

Unreasonable México's Cofounder

Raúl de Anda

Unreasonable México's Cofounder

Martha Smith

Founder of US-Mexico Foundation and Citi-Banamex council.

Arturo Galván

Founded the company that brought the internet to LATAM. Called by Wall Street Journal "The Apostle of the Internet."

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.

- George B. Shaw